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Winter Hair

Posted on 28 January, 2014 at 8:45

The cold winter chill takes a toll on all nature, even your hair! In order to combat the dryness of your tresses, you must keep it moisturized. We are not talking about GREASE, which is full of petroleum oil. Petroleum oil coats your cuticle just like when you pour grease into your sink. Once your cutcle is coated with GREASE,  your hair will always appear to be dry.  Bacteria will build-up and clog your hair follicles causing hair breakage. There will be no movement or body in your hair.

We recommend that you come into the salon to get a hydration treatment. This treatment consists of a mixture of panthenol based moisturizers and a sufficient amount of protein to keep the hair strong.This is called a reconstructor. The major part of this treatment is the steam produced from distilled water and a hydration machine. The steam opens the cuticle of the hair and pulls out the natural moisture from the scalp. While the cuticle is open, the recnstructor goes inside to revive your hair. Thus, protecting the hair from the winter chill and heater that you are running inside your home.

If your hair is coated with GREASE, we will have to strip your hair prior to a hydration treatment. That means you will be in the salon longer and pay a higher price. So don't clog your pipes with GREASE . It is not healthy moisture!

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